Hello! This is my journalism portfolio. Please feel free to take a look around at the work I’ve done over my four years at Kwantlen. I have been in the print journalism program, but I’ve also done a bit of broadcasting work.

I’ve written for the school newspapers, the Kwantlen Chronicle and The Runner, as well as for several blogs that include The Sports Corner, Vancity Sports Blog and Stadium Journey.

For broadcasting, I’ve interned at TEAM1040 sports radio and currently work on and off at SportsCanada.tv, a sports webcasting site. At the TEAM, I used the Adobe program Audition to edit audio and podcasts. Unfortunately, due to copyright concerns, I’m not able to post any podcasts that I edited.
I also have very basic knowledge of how to use a Tricaster, from my experience at SportsCanada.tv. Also, hen the Olympics were in Vancouver in 2010, I worked with Olympic Broadcast Services as a Liaison Officer.

I can write, take photos, interview, cut/edit audio and shoot/edit video. Please browse through the categories up top to see my work.